Vietnam Business Visa



VISA ONLINE VIETNAM - Vietnam Business Visa is normally valid for 3 months.  It’s much easier to apply for 3 month single entry visa rather than 3 month multiple entry visa. The reason comes from the fact that the Vietnam Department of Immigration sometimes place a restriction on issuing 3 month multiple entry visa. In some cases, the grant of this type of visa requires a Warranty Letter from your sponsor in Vietnam.


If you enter Vietnam for just a few days for business purpose, you can also apply for a tourist visa instead since this makes no difference.


How to apply for Vietnam Business Visa?


There are 2 ways to obtain Vietnam Business Visa: you can either apply for visa directly at Vietnam Embassy or apply for visa on arrival through a travel agency.


Based on our own experience as a travel agent over the years, offers VISA ON ARRIVAL as the most free-hassle way to get Vietnam business visa. With such method, foreign travelers do not need to send away their original passports via post mail or pay repeated visits to Vietnam Embassy for finalizing Vietnam visa procedure.


Then are you still confused with how to get Vietnam visa on arrival? Please follow some below quick steps:


Step 1: Fill in our online application form with personal details ( exactly as mentioned on your passport)


Step 2: Make a payment for service fee with one of alternative payment options


Step 3: Receive an approval letter via email within 2 working days after payment


Step 4: Get your visa stamped at Vietnam airport with your approval letter


For those who do not wish to get Vietnam visa stamped at Vietnam airport for some certain reasons, you may apply for VIETNAM VISA CODE to speed up visa process at Vietnam Embassy. With our approval code in hand, you only need to visit Vietnam Embassy one time to get visa stamped there.

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